It’s getting close to the fall TV season, so I spent part of the weekend actually developing my fall TV viewing/reviewing/recapping schedule (instead of what I usually do, which is wing everything the weekend before fall TV starts).

So, for everyone who loves reading my recaps and viewpoints on TV (and like interacting with me with my live-tweeting), there’s THE OFFICIAL COLOR SCHEDULE!

(All times listed are CT since I’m in the central time zone)



Minority Report live-tweet at 8 CT (starting  Sept. 21)


Fresh Off the Boat live-tweet at 7:30 CT(starting Sept. 22)

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Quantico live-tweet at 9 CT (starting Sept. 27)


black-ish live-tweet at 8:30 CT (starting Sept. 23)


Sleepy Hollow live-tweet at 8 CT (starting Oct. 1)

How to Get Away with Murder live-tweet at 9 CT (starting Sept. 24)


Minority Report

Fresh Off the Boat


black-ish (for Entertainment Weekly‘s Community Blog)


Sleepy Hollow

How to Get Away with Murder


The Muppets (airing Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 7 CT, review the next day)

Rosewood (airing Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 7 CT, review the next day)

The Player (airing Thursday, Sept. 24 at 9 CT, review the next day)

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Dr. Ken (airing Friday, Oct. 2 at 7:30 CT, review the next day)

Of Kings and Prophets (airing Sundays, COMING SOON)

Into the Badlands (airing Nov. 15 at 9 CT, review the next day)

Chicago Med (airing Nov. 17 at 8 CT, review the next day)

Coming up (2016):


Uncle Buck 

Rush Hour


Hot and Bothered (formerly known as Telenovela)

That’s a lot! So get ready!

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By Monique