Superman: Legacy is making social media rounds as DCU aficionado/director James Gunn shares the first picture today. David Corenswet as Clark Kent is strapping on his super boots to do some business. And to know that this version of Superman and the movie is inspired by the ‘All-Star Superman’ comic run is thrilling to hear. 

Image via Entertainment Weekly/CW Network/Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics

I’ve never seen Christopher Reeves’ version of the character, but I remember Superman Returns with Brandon Routh. He looked like the definitive Clark Kent/Superman that comic fans would recognize. A man who can fly and inspire mankind to be more optimistic and bettering ourselves as a species. 

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Image via Entertainment Weekly/Legendary Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics

 Zack Snyder’s take on Superman (and Batman too) starring Henry Cavil is an angry, mopey, emo, uninspiring, borderline psychopathic murderer/destructive anti-hero. I don’t have any hate for Snyder or Cavil, they are good people in life and the film business. However, the creative decisions regarding how he painted Superman as a Christ-like/God-like figure instead of an inspiring and hopeful icon are weird and disturbing. This version was what skewed my impressions of the character. It made me feel critically judgmental of Snyder and the execs at Warner Bros in such a negative light as they failed to recreate the Marvel formula. 

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Image via Entertainment Weekly/Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics

Luckily, Corenswet’s Man of Steel is looking to make people optimistic again and it seems like Gunn is doing right by the character. We’ll see if the character will stick the landing when the film comes out in July 2025.

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