I know they are fictional characters, but I hate saying that a character needs to die because it feels like saying a person needs to die. No one wants (or should want)  to say that to someone. BUT, Jamal has now signed his own death warrant and now needs to die. 

¿Por qué? Because Jamal has increased his “liability” status to the nth degree. He should at least be put in jail for the rest of his life for killing his mother and uncle. But this is Tyrant, and you know someone’s going to go H.A.M. and kill him.

So who’s going to pull the trigger? We don’t yet know, but thankfully, I’ve written an article for Entertainment Weekly that analyzes just who has enough motive to kill Jamal. Right now, my money’s on Ahmed for these reasons:

I have a feeling that Ahmed might be the one who becomes Jamal’s killer. Ahmed didn’t know anything about the real issues that were going on in his family, and because of that, he probably feels the most betrayed. His disillusionment has severely affected his mother, but now that his eyes are clear, he just might turn his anger on his father.

Ahmed is a good guy—we’ve seen him dote on Nusrat and help her through her miscarriage. We’ve seen how he wants both of them to move to London so he can open his boutique hotel and live the life of a comfortable businessman. But we’ve also seen him release the beast, such as when one of Ihab’s men tried to assassinate Jamal during his big oil-drill speech. Ahmed can go berserker when he wants to, and we just might see his berserker moment when he encounters his father again.

You can read the rest at Entertainment Weekly. There is one thing I forgot to address in the article—the possibility of Jamal killing himself. I didn’t really want to write about suicide since it’s an extremely serious and touchy subject. I don’t want it to seem like I’m making light of such a thing. But as far as characterization goes, I don’t know if Jamal would rather go out to anyone other than Jamal. Part of his characterization is to be a hurricane of destruction to others and himself.

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What do you think is going to happen tonight on Tyrant? We’ll watch together and then visit Entertainment Weekly‘s Community Blog tomorrow to see what my recap is!

TYRANT — “Zanjir” — Episode 210 (Airs Tuesday, August 18, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: Ashraf Barhom as Jamal.
CR: Kata Vermes/FX

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