Batman: Arkham Shadow is a brand-new Meta Quest game collaboration with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics. Featuring the Caped Crusader, he seems to be on the trail of Otis Finnegan aka The Ratcatcher.   This prompts me to ask, “What are we doing here?”. The last Arkham VR game featuring Kevin Conroy was Batman: Arkham VR, and it will be weird to have Batman without Conroy voicing the character. His last appearance was in this year’s lackluster sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight; Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice LeagueI’m not sure if this will be any good, but who knows? Here is the synopsis and official trailer for the Meta Quest Exclusive.

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Gotham City is in danger. And you’re the only one who can save it. Batman: Arkham Shadow, coming late 2024. Only on Meta Quest 3. 


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