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Judging by the fur coat, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” should have been “Lando: A Star Wars Story”

3 Minutes read

I’ve seen the Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser trailer, and let’s just be honest: the film should be Lando’s. Just look at the one still that has got the interwebs talking: If one image–ONE IMAGE–can get people excited, and that image isn’t featuring Han Solo, then either you have a big problem–your lead character doesn’t really have…

“Star Trek” mini-rant: Where do Michael and Tyler go from here?

14 Minutes read

Each week, Monique will sound off on the current episode of Star Trek: Discovery. For more, read Monique’s Star Trek: Discovery recaps at SlashFilm. These mini-rants will contain SPOILERS–You’re warned.  I think this week’s episode, “The Wolf Inside,” goes up there as one of the best-written episodes of this season of Star Trek: Discovery. There was so much packed…

Netflix Acquires “Where the Road Runs Out”, First Film Shot in Equatorial Guinea

3 Minutes read

Netflix is trying to step up their movie game, and it would seem they are on the right track with their acquisition of Where the Road Runs Out. The film, directed by Rudolf Buitendach and starring Isaach De Bankolé, is a history making film; it’s the first film to be shot in Equatorial Guinea. The film…

Watch SPECTRE and Celebrate the Black Women of Bond

3 Minutes read

SPECTRE, the latest James Bond film, is now thrilling audiences in theaters, and while there’s a ton of different ways to speculate and dissect the Bond film series, there’s something that has to be recognized, and that’s its highlight of black women.

“Sleepy Hollow” Recap: “I, Witness” Recaptures Show’s Magic

11 Minutes read

If you loved the premiere, come talk about it with me on Periscope (@moniqueblognet) today, Oct. 2, at 5 pm CT!  Sleepy Hollow is back! WHOO! And by “back,” I really mean that it’s back with a Season 1 vengeance! Thank you, Season 3 opener, “I Witness”!