I’m still in the belief that Sleepy Hollow will be renewed for a third season (probably with some changes which can be read about here and here). Because I believe it’s coming, there are some storylines I hope the writers use. These storylines will not only keep the show focused, but it’ll also make the viewers really happy (I think so, anyway). Let’s take a look.

Abbie’s ancestors: I’ve already written about Abbie’s Gorgon-stone ancestor and since Abbie’s looking for a way to get the ancestor out of stone, there’s an opportunity for a new character to join Team Witness. But in general, Abbie’s ancestry needs to be analyzed a lot more in Sleepy Hollow. We’ve focused a lot on Ichabod’s Founding Father friends, but the irony is that despite the series showcasing a sanitized version of these people, the reality is that they were slaveowners. Awful slaveowners. We need someone on Abbie’s side to tell history for once. I want to learn more about Grace Dixon, the Unnamed Female Ancestor, and everyone else that relates to Abbie’s destiny as a Witness.


Grace Dixon

One thing that could be the case is that somewhere within the pre-production Season Two writing meeting, there was a level of uncertainty about how to deal with Abbie’s past without getting into the nitty-gritty of the 18th century with how it relates to black people. Some fans would say Goffman, some fans would say every writer including Goffman, but whoever is at the root of it, uncertainty about Abbie’s storyline makes sense when you take into account the amount of white characters we saw this season.

I’m not saying that white characters are bad. But this show’s initial success came from the mostly-black cast, which is rare in sci-fi. This season, though, we learned more about Katrina, Henry and Abraham, and then there were new characters added, like Hawley, Joe Corbin, Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. We focused so much on these characters at the expense of learning more about Abbie, Jenny, Irving, and Irving’s family—people who actually matter to the viewers. I know we got “Mama,” but one episode isn’t enough! And sure, Franklin and Jefferson had a hand in this Witness-Apocalypse stuff, but we don’t care about them. They aren’t what brought us to this show. The show could just mention these slaveowners off-hand and they’d have the amount of showtime they deserve.

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Ichabod, the only main white guy in this show, is the only white guy we should be concerned with. More about him later.

Irving and family: So Irving’s family might be witches, according to Evil Irving. Now that Irving’s back to normal, I hope we’ll be able to learn more about this, as well as just see him interact with his family in general. I miss seeing Cynthia and Macey in a meaningful capacity. Let’s hope the show gets back to the Irving family dynamic.

Ichabod’s father: As I wrote, the only white guy we need to be concerned about is Ichabod. Instead of having his life turned into a spin-wheeling soap opera, we should be learning the pertinent aspects of his life, like how his relationship with his father affected him and sent him on his path to America. We all know this change led Ichabod towards fulfilling his destiny as a Witness, but we’ve only seen one moment of Ichabod’s father from the Season One finale. I want to see Victor Garber on my screen again!


Abbie’s father: Just like how Ichabod’s relationship with his father turned him towards Witnesshood, Abbie’s relationship with her father affected her. I thought we were promised something about Abbie’s father for this season. Where did that go? We need to get back to what role Abbie’s father plays in this.

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Why were all of these storylines left by the wayside? I’m really perplexed as to why the showrunner would allow for one character like Katrina to nearly tank the show. I’m not trying to come down hard on him, but seriously, WHY?! I might be mistaken, but he was the showrunner for last season; what really changed between Season One and Season Two?

Anyways, there are two storylines that some viewers may care about, if they’re considering dropping them, I hope they give them some proper wrap-ups.

What’s the deal with Reyes?: Is she evil or not? We were promised a resolution on that for this season, I thought. How come she’s been left out of things? Bring her back do something with her!


Are Orion and the Kindred still around?: If he’s not, I don’t really mind, but it’s kinda a big plothole to just have a rogue angel flying around, trying to KILL THE WORLD.

Speaking of big plotholes, what the f&*% happened to the Kindred? You can’t just have a MONSTER out there! Will he come back and have written a Frankenstein-esque account of his life, in which he tried to befriend a child, ultimately leading them to their untimely death?

Let’s hope Season Three gets back to brass tacks and resolves these storylines. What storyline do you want to see worked on the most? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Brownie Harris, Fred Norris/FOX, Tumblr

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