Alexander Karim consistently presents many of Tyrant‘s shining moments. Mainly,  it’s because Ihab Rashid is one of the most consistent and relatable characters. 

Ihab is, probably, the most accessible male character on the FX show because he has a clear goal: defeat the Al-Fayeeds and deliver his people from tyranny. In the premiere episode of the first season, I wrote for the Entertainment Weekly Community that if the show would have been about anyone, it should have been about the journalist, Fauzi. But he’s a little too spineless for my liking. Or maybe too intellectual for his own good or something.

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So let me amend my statement: If Tyrant should be about anyone, it should be about Ihab, since he’s the only one trying to do good for the sake of the majority of people. As a person whose racial history has been positively affected by revolutionaries fighting on my behalf before I was even born, I identify with what Ihab is trying to do and the struggles he’s facing within his group and with the government he’s trying to overthrow.

Also, Alexander Karim being good-looking is a bonus to the character, so there’s that. A dashing leader is a very romantic ideal, after all.

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What do you think about Alexander Karim and his character Ihab? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

TYRANT — “Hail Mary” — Episode 104 (Airs Tuesday, July 22, 10:00 pm e/p — Pictured: Alexander Karim as Ihab — Photo credit: Vered Adir/FX

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