Nicole Ari Parker in And Just Like That (Photo credit: HBO)

Nicole Ari Parker is toasting Season 2 of the Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That… by telling its millions of fans that the nearly year-and-a-half wait… was worth it!

Nicole, who plays Lisa Todd Wexley, told Extra’s Adam Glassman, “I just saw the first seven myself and I’m like, ‘Miranda, Charlotte and her husband — oh, my God!’ I was screaming at my laptop. I’m in Paris right now and I stayed up for the last two nights just watching everything and I’m blown away.”

She also revealed Hollywood legend Billy Dee Williams will play her dad on the new season, premiering June 22.

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“I love that the writers have really fleshed out these new characters and given them real lives, within the fun, fantastical fashionista tone of the show. They still manage to give me a mother-in-law and a dad, Billy Dee Williams.”

Glassman commented, “Lisa is much more developed this season,” and Parker replied, “Yeah, I got a lot of good stuff to do. I look forward to — if there is a Season 3 — the stuff between her and Herbert.”

Lisa was introduced on Season 1 as a fashion-forward friend of Charlotte.

Nicole shared, “I’m so jealous of her… Inside an episode, I might have had, like, two scenes, but even my underwear was yummy. My slippers that you didn’t even see. Giant bracelets, but then I’d have an Issey Miyake coat on, so you didn’t see them, but I knew they were there. Adam, oh, my god, who lives like this?”

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He told her, “Well, you do.”

But in real life, Nicole and husband Boris Kodjoe are the parents of two kids and crazy couture prices aren’t part of the plan.

She revealed, “The tag would still be on there and I’d be like, ‘Ugh, it’s never gonna happen. I’ve got two kids and one is going to college. This is tuition, I’m wearing tuition.’”

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