I, like a lot of people, came to know Nicholas Gonzalez from his role on Sleepy Hollow. Of course, I was sad to see his character Luke get removed from the story.

I think one of the big head-scratching moments in Sleepy Hollow—aside from why Goffman would allow for the death of Moloch to happen without a Big Bad in Moloch’s placeis what exactly happened to Luke. Was Luke killed when Ancitif went on his possession rampage, or was he just injured? If he’s injured, can he come back to the story? Can his ghost come back, at the very least? Just asking. We need more men of color on Sleepy Hollow, is what I’m saying. Andy, Luke—bring them all back somehow.

In any case, fans of Gonzalez have been able to see him on Jane the Virgin and will be able to see him on the upcoming Fox pilot Lucifer. Once again, Gonzalez will be playing a detective who is wary of the new man in town. This time, though, Gonzalez’s character has a very good reason, since the new man in town isn’t a time-traveler; he’s literally Satan. And Satan’s getting chummy with Gonzalez’s character’s wife and child. You’ll also be able to hear him on another Fox show, the animated comedy Bordertown. 

Photo: IMDB

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By Monique