Yes, I know there is a big glaring issue about Sleepy Hollow episode “Kali Yuga”— the non-Indian woman playing an Indian creature— but dare I say that this episode actually looks fun? Even more daring, may I say that this episode actually looks like a throwback to an S1 or even early S2 episode? And this is a Hawley episode I’m saying this about!

I honestly went into the game not expecting to like a Hawley-centric episode, but the clips give me the impression that the writers do know where they’re going when it comes to giving Hawley an actually interesting past and an equally interesting dilemma. Which means that these writers have the capacity to flesh out a character that a lot of people weren’t really about. So why hasn’t any of this (presumed) treatment been given to Katrina?  I could be completely wrong about Hawley’s supposed characterization in this episode, mind you, but from what I’ve seen, he actually looks like he’s going to be cool.

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This goes back to one of my earlier Sleepy Hollow posts in which I wrote that Hawley is actually a salvageable character since he’s still new and still has time to grow.

Check out the clips and see what you think! Also, check out Ichabod singing karaoke (and Abbie saying that letting go of Abraham was a good thing?) at TV Line. I’d have to review that Orion episode to see if it actually was a good idea, but I have to disagree on sheer principle.  Yes, I’m being that petty when it comes to Katrina’s “plans.”

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By Monique