Every day, it seems like there’s more and more Sleepy Hollow news. The closer we get to that post-season, the more people will be giving their two cents on the possibility of a third season and just who is going to be dying in the finale. If I’m being honest, it seems like that death is being foisted on us pretty hard. Kinda makes you wonder if a certain witch is going to die, doesn’t it? I make no promises and neither do they, but the idea of a death coming is being teased with a wink and a nudge, it seems. Weird.

So here’s why I say that the death is being teased in a happy manner. Tom Mison did a conference call today (WHY WAS I NOT INVITED, FOX!?) and Mison, as always, delivered with awesome answers. These tidbits from Sci Fi Vision and Screen Spy are from Twitter, but I can’t wait to see how people write these up in their articles. Sometimes, folks write a little bit about how actors answer questions, and if someone writes that Mison answered things in his usual cheeky tone, that’ll only lend credence to my theory that the death is being portrayed as a gift for the fans.

Here are the tweets. Ichatrina haters (and fans who have commented on how much Mison himself seems to hate the pairing), you’ll love some of these.

There’s been a lot discussed lately about what’s going to happen in the finale. I’m not completely sure I’ve written about it, but I’ve seen rumors about someone dying for what feels like weeks (but it could have been just days). Now, with this news from Mison, it would appear that the cast are being instructed to push this death to the hilt, especially since we’ll never see a character again.

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Of course, the hope is that it’s Katrina, because fans and critics alike hate her with the fire of a thousand suns. And her death really could be coming, since “Spellcaster” is supposed to reveal something extremely troubling about her, not to mention that her marital woes are seemingly not over. She has a lot of ill will headed her way, but she’s been a slippery fish before; she could slip through death’s grasp again.

Another thing being pushed is that the writers are, in fact, listening. I know quite a few fans have given up on the writers, but I do think they’re trying. As I’ve written before, it’s tough writing just one script, let alone 20 a season. I feel like they do want to get back in the fandom’s good graces, but when you’re in the middle of a season, you really can’t do much except ride out the hate and hope for another season to equalize things. That’s what’s happening now; the writers and EPs and Fox heads are all about to hash it out and agree on a path in order for the show to come back stronger than S2.

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(And also, it’s not like Sleepy Hollow has been a total bust this season will be completely written off by Fox, as least press-wise. Some circles believe that even bad press is good press, and Sleepy Hollow has certainly been all over the press this season.)

What do you think of this news? Who do you think will die this season? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

Photo credit: David Johnson/FOX

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