Today is the day we in America have both dreaded and looked forward to with anticipation. That day is Midterm Election Day.

Look, if you know what the country’s been like, you already know what’s at stake today, so I’m not going to bog this article down with depressing stuff. If you’re not about #45’s policies, his cabinet, his family somehow getting jobs in the White House, and the general stink of Russian interference in our elections, then you’re probably raring to go to the polls and get your vote on.

But what if you’re still unsure about if your vote counts? Well, I’m here to tell you it does, but you don’t have to believe me; you can believe your favorite boy band, BTS.

I’ve become a BTS watcher ever since I posted my huge article about the odds of their success in America, and one thing I’ve realized about the group is that they are adamant about civic engagement. I thought it would be a good idea to tweet out to fans that if they supported BTS, they should make their voice heard and vote. Thankfully, a lot of fans agreed with me and shared their own support of BTS’ civic message, including the American fan group BTS US ARMY x 50 States.

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The group has created the “Voice Yourself” initiative, which challenges fans 18 and older across the country to make their voices heard at the polls. They want to make sure you put your proverbial money where your mouth is and request receipts of your vote. What you have to do is tag them on Twitter @BTSx50States with a picture of your “I Voted” sticker and a purple heart emoji, using the hashtag #VoiceYourself_Vote. If you had an absentee ballot, they want you to tag them with the hashtag, a picture of the V sign (victory sign with your hand) and a purple heart.

If you need more proof BTS would support this type of initative, check out this tweet from one Twitter user:

I’m going to support the initiative by supplying my own picture tomorrow and retweeting others who participate. If you’re an ARMY, do what RM said at the UN and speak yourself–but tomorrow, make sure you do it at the polls.

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