Michael B. Jordan wants YOU to go to the polls Nov. 6! The actor/producer is working with Color of Change’s Voting While Black to convince those who are still undecided to get their butts to their local election center to vote in the midterm elections.

In the video below, you can see Jordan canvassing Atlanta’s neighborhoods to make sure people, people of color in particular, exercise their inalienable right to vote. Jordan hasn’t just been going to Georgia, though; he’s used his starpower to travel around the country to make sure folks get out and make their voices heard.

Here’s what Jordan had to say in the Color of Change newsletter:

I chose to work with Color Of Change PAC because they are building a political home for Black people like me and you. The truth is, Black families are hurt every day by policies written by elected officials who don’t care about the safety and health of our community. And that needs to change.

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Some of you might think that your vote doesn’t matter, or that it won’t affect your life. The truth is, your vote can help elect officials who can make a difference on police brutality, criminal justice reform, and racial justice. You don’t have to be a superhero, celebrity, or athlete to make a difference in this country.

The most necessary step you can make right now is getting your friends and family to the polls. Here’s what I want you to do before November 6th:

  1. Text VOTE to 225568 to find your polling location and get election updates.1 
  2. Share this video with 5 of your friends and family members to get them to the polls.

You’ve got your directives: tell your friends to go vote (and convince them with this video if you need to) and text VOTE to 225568 to get everything you need to vote with confidence.

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You can also get election information through my site via vote.org. If you can verify your voter registration status and get election updates, so whether you text to Color of Change or check my site, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. 

Get your voting hand ready and cast your vote this Tuesday!

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