I nearly let the day slip by without my quick thoughts on Tyrant! I’m here to rectify that. This week’s thoughts on last week’s Tyrant feature one part I cut out of my EW Community review: how Rami’s dealings with Jamal and Leila was like Office Space: Abudinnian Edition.


There was no way Rami could win between Jamal and Leila, who both wanted a military victory in too short of time that Rami could successfully deliver it in. Here’s the deleted part of my recap:

Leila’s ability to get stuff done isn’t the only thing interesting about Rami’s interactions with her and Jamal. Much of Rami’s role in this episode was to be the Peter Gibbons of the Al-Fayeed regime. Everytime Leila or Jamal basically said in so many words, “Get this done” while Rami counters with something to the effect of, “Give me more time to do my job right instead of rushing to a conclusion,” reminded me of Lumbergh saddling up to Peter saying, “I need those corrected TPS reports today okay? That’d be greeaattt.” If the Bobs were to come to Abuddin and interview Rami, he’d have the exact same complaint Peter had of having too many bosses to answer to.

I thought that was funny. I’m also sad for Rami; he’s going to get a lot more abuse from his bosses, I feel.

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Sadly, I have to bring the mood down and say RIP to Samira. I’m sad she’s dead, and I’m even sadder that Bassam had to kill her. She gave him no choice, and we got to see Bassam enact his killer instincts yet again.


However, I’m hoping beyond hope that the show brings Fauzi back just to take on Bassam for killing his only child. I surely wish Bassam had kept on being a doctor in America instead of becoming…whatever he’s become. A freedom fighter, currently, who has despotic dreams disguised as ‘liberation.”

Of course, before Fauzi even shows up again, we’ve got Ihab to deal with. I didn’t know they had gotten married until this episode. In any case, whether they got married or not doesn’t matter, since they were in a relationship and Ihab’s love has now been taken away by an Al-Fayeed. It was personal for Ihab before, since his father was exiled and then later killed by the Al-Fayeed family; now an Al-Fayeed has taken his wife. Ihab’s going to be out for some serious blood, now.

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Lastly, since my recap was inspired by The Wiz, let’s listen to Evillene sing her classic song about not wanting to hear any sad sack junk:

Thanks again to the members of the cast who support my writing and RT, fav, and respond back! It’s much appreciated!

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