Orlando Jones has the honored position of being the MOC Monday man of the day! The accolade couldn’t come at a better time, since it would seem that Jones’ Sleepy Hollow character, Frank Irving, is back from the dead and will (hopefully) be back on Team Witness! In any event, we can see Jones use his dramatic skills in full force once again.

When I was running Moniqueblog, I interviewed Jones about a year or two ago when Sleepy Hollow was near its first season finale. We were only able to connect through email, and one of the questions I emailed him was about how he got into the mindset of Irving.

How you get into the mindset of Irving?

When the show began, Irving embodied the familiar trope of the non-believer. Recent events in the show (i.e. Neo-Irving) have clearly forced him to re-evaluate the circumstances of what’s happening and how to deal with it in a world that doesn’t yet know the total extent of what’s at scope. I don’t get into any particular mindset per se, but it helps to see the world from his point of view and incorporate that into how I chose to portray him. Perhaps most interestingly, fans who are more accustomed to seeing me in previous comedic roles get to see a different side of me, even though I’ve been doing drama far longer than I ever did comedy.

I also asked him about his love of interacting with the fans.

What was the impetus for getting in the fandom trenches with fans on Tumblr, Twitter, etc?

The impetus–I like to get exicted about stuff that’s cool to me. Like I mentioned, I’m a fan of my own show and I love engaging with other fans. It’s been awesome to have been welcomed by the Sleepyheads (Sleepy Hollow fandom) as well as other fandoms like Supernatural. I have a ton of fun doing it.

What do you love and hate about Tumblr?

Hate: nothing. Love: the ability to interact with fans. They teach me new things every day. Plus between the incredible fan art, the fanfic and people’s comments, I’m constantly in awe or I’m cracking up laughing.

In short, Orlando Jones is awesome! Also, if you’re wondering, we are not related. Not to my knowledge, anyways.

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What do you love about Orlando Jones? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

Photo credit: David Johnson/FOX

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