There’s more to this recap, but even though this was a better episode than most, did we actually do anything? I know Rose met a new man and Daisy now has an impertinent proverbial backbone, but did things really happen except Edith’s family making things worse for her?

Why would Rosamund and the Dowager conspire to 1) take Marigiold away from a loving family just because they aren’t the real parents and 2) put the child in an orphanage in another country?? Who in the world would think this is a great idea? To make matters worse, Edith just won’t tell Farmer’s Wife that Marigold is her daughter. That would make everything easier. All these secrets!

In any event, I can see why Edith would want to take things into her own hands by mysteriously calling to London, but again, why not just tell the farmer family that Marigold is a Crawley?? Fellowes, just make her do that!!

Also, when did Bricker become a creeper? Of course, he could have always been a creeper, but I wish that was written into his personality beforehand instead of just at the last minute. To have Bricker become a sex-crazed maniac is the easy way to get Cora and Grantham back together. And Grantham’s mad about what? That Cora flirted with Bricker? (“If you behave.” What’s that’s supposed to mean, Cora?) That Bricker barged into her room without her consent? What’s the anger?

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I thought I’d like when Daisy got the strength to speak up for things. But I’m not sure I like how it’s being presented. I don’t know. I also don’t know why the Dowager is keen on finding this long-lost princess when the Russian prince is clearly done with that chapter of his life. That plotline makes no sense.

Also not making sense on the surface is the Dowager not wanting Mrs. Crawley to get married after all, since that’ll make her a Lady as well. The Dowager doesn’t want someone of the working middle class in her lane, but Matthew was of the working middle class, too. Did the Dowager resent him as well despite everyone welcoming the marriage between him and Mary?


And Thomas! PLEASE STOP THIS! Is Fellowes going to kill Thomas off? Will he at last give Thomas some kind of relief and let him just love himself? The shock therapy and “medicine” aren’t working, and then what’s going to happen to Thomas? Is he going to get checked into a mental hospital? I’m literally asking so I know what to expect.

There were things I did like in this episode though. Mary (and Charles) getting told off by Lady Fox was classic. Again, I’m here for whenever someone decides to give Mary what for, and if I were Lady Fox, I’d do the same thing.

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I also liked how Branson let Sarah Bunting down nice and easy. She was really annoying, even though I actually agreed with a lot of her points. This is basically what Branson said, too, but in much nicer words and with a kiss at the end. Apparently, Sarah is like Helga Pataki; the only way she can communicate with the guy she likes is to make him hate her.

I really liked how much Rose has become Sybil 2.0, but it also makes me miss the original Sybil. I guess Rose didn’t gravitate towards Jack Ross solely because he was a black man and would make her mother furious. Maybe she did like his soul as well, since she also likes (Ephraim) Atticus Aldridge, an English gent whose Jewish ancestors were left Russia for England so they could freely practice their faith. Thanks, Rose, for not only having an open mind, but for constantly being the one character that brings joy to the proceedings every time they come on screen.

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