Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) yells ferociously. (Photo credit: Marvel/Disney+

Okay, only one episode left in Secret Invasion. Things are about to come to a head, and it has been an interesting yet problematic series to watch. As I said in previous recaps, this show has good stuff. The problem is that it’s not handled in a way how the real world would react to an invasion conducted by alien shapeshifters. I have a separate article I will be writing about how it should have been down the road. For now, let’s recap what happened in Episode 5, “Harvest.”

Picking up after the attempted assassination of President Ritson in London, Fury confronts “Rhodey” aka Skrull agent Ravva where they released the Maria Hill death from the first episode on every news outlet in the world. Fury tells “Rhodey” that he is coming for Gravik.

Speaking of Gravik, his insanity goes deeper as his insurgency starts questioning their mission. After killing his right-hand man, munity begins to spark in New Skrullos, and kills the munity and new recruit Beto after being called a monster.

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Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion, Episode 2 (Photo credit: Marvel Studios/Disney)
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion, Episode 2 (Photo credit: Marvel Studios/Disney)

British agent Falsworth exposes her superior Derrik Weatherby as a Skrull and locates Dr. Rosa Dalton who is also a Skrull and interrogates her about Gravik’s DNA machine. 

“Rhodey” shows Ritson satellite images of New Skrullos in Russia implicating the Russians as sympathizers and convincing the president to a nuclear strike on the area. A rather drastic decision for Gravik is to kill all of the Skrulls who do not believe in his cause anymore and jumpstart humanity’s self-destruction. Gravik contacts Fury to give him the “Harvest” in person and he’ll call off the strike.

Meanwhile, Gi’ah and Priscilla hold a funeral for Talos only later to be attacked by Gravik’s rebels. Lastly, Fury and Falsworth are in Finland going to one of Fury’s many gravesite safehouses to retrieve the “Harvest” containing DNA of all the superheroes’ blood that was spilled in the Battle of Earth (the climatic battle between all of the Marvel heroes and Thanos’ army seen in Avengers: Endgame). Fury gears up with his signature leather jacket and eye patch to stop Gravik and save the world. 

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Gi'ah (Emilia Clarke) walks away. (Photo credit: Marvel/Disney+)
Gi’ah (Emilia Clarke) walks away. (Photo credit: Marvel/Disney+)

Erm…Okay. Looking back on this series, this should have been an Avengers movie, period. I mean (sighs)…There’s only one episode left in this series, so whatever happens it better be worth the 6-episode binge watch for the past 6 weeks of everyone’s time who’s still on board. It would just be a better story if the Avengers were actually featured instead of having one Avenger in this series. It would feel more impactful and fuller if it had been that way than seeing regular human spies doing their thing. The show and the entire MCU are starting to become a terrible burden and overwhelming and it’s becoming about as scattered as the information of the episode I summarized. 

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