The Perfect Find. (L to R) Gabrielle Union as Jenna and Keith Powers as Eric in The Perfect Find. (Photo credit: Alyssa Longchamp/Netflix)

The Perfect Find starring Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers will make couples swoon on Netflix next month. 

The trailer is filled to the brim with comedy-romantic hijinks that rom-com fans will enjoy watching at home. I may do a review of this movie and share my opinion on it. I am curious as to how this story is going to turn out. Here is the official description of the movie: 

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After a high-profile firing, Jenna’s (Gabrielle Union) fashion career comeback hits a snag when she falls for a charming, much younger coworker (Keith Powers) — who happens to be her boss’s son. As sparks fly, Jenna must decide if she’ll risk it all on a secret romance.

The film is written by Leigh Davenport, directed by Numa Perrier and stars Gabrielle Union, Keith Powers, Aisha Hinds, DB Woodside, Janet Hubert, Alani “La La” Anthony, and Gina Torres. It is based on the best-selling novel by Tia Williams and produced by Glendon Palmer, Gabrielle Union, Jeff Morrone, Codie Elaine Oliver, and Tommy Oliver. Stuart Ford, Miguel A. Palos, Linda McDonough, Holly Shakoor Fleischer, Melissa Jones, Leigh Davenport, and Matthew Myers executive produces.

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Check out the trailer and first look images below.

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