It’s the casting news that broke the internet and sent everyone back to their childhoods! Paolo Montalban and Brandy are now reprising their roles as the Prince (now King) and Cinderella in Descendants: The Rise of Red!

Similar to how the Prince said in the 1997’s Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella that he always wished for a magical moment but never thought it would actually happen, fans of the film have always wanted Brandy and Montalban to reunite on screen, but little did we know it would actually come to pass. Now, we are treated to moments like the ones captured by Disney and Entertainment Tonight to obsess over.

The latter interview has people hoping that Montalban’s film career can not only get a resurgence, but lead to perhaps more on-screen moments with Brandy.

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“with this kind of chemistry in just an interview, i would like at least ten romcoms [starring] these two,” wrote one fan.

“Can a movie with these two please…I want to see more of them,” wrote another.

Another fan wrote in part, “Put them in a Hallmark Christmas movie it’s for science!”

“they are so cute and i am craving a Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movie with them,” added another commenter.

“they need a romcom pls!!!!!!!!!,” wrote a fan, summing up everyone’s feelings.

Back in 2022, when I interviewed Montalban after the 25th anniversary of Cinderella, he said at the time that he would love to work with Brandy again, even if it meant working for free or for scale. While I’m sure he didn’t have to work for free on Descendants, it’s exciting to see that his dream of partnering with her again has finally come true.

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