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It’s February, and you know what that means—Valentine’s Day.

Look, it’s not a day I always look forward to, because folks start flaunting their boos and baes on the ‘gram and stuff. Meanwhile, I have to buy myself some chocolates. Granted, showing yourself love is never a bad thing, and recognizing the love you receive from family is also great—we usually buy communal chocolates for all of us to eat. But when you’re seemingly #foreveralone, it can get a little annoying seeing folks gushing about boyfriends and girlfriends and partners. Even the person who’s seemingly the most stable in their singlehood can get annoyed by this.

But being alone isn’t all bad. We have Hermione Granger herself, Emma Watson, to count among our group, as she proclaims that she is in a committed relationship with herself. Through Watson’s own statement of self-love, we can see how being single can be extremely empowering.

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There’s also tons of romantic films to watch during the month, which can soothe the most chronically single of us as well as the most boo’ed-up of us. I’ve provided a list of some of the more unique romantic films out there that will hopefully give you something to think about while you go on the journey of love with some amazing film characters.

Being single can also mean you don’t have to deal with relationship issues. But hopefully, if you do have relationship drama, you’ll deal with it better than some folks who have sent in their interracial relationship problems to a Buzzfeed bot. I’ll talk about why that showcases a lack of one of the biggest skills you need to have in any type of relationship.

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We’ll also have tons on this month’s cover story, The Photograph, including a review and round-up of what makes this film and Issa Rae’s other romantic film, The Lovebirds, so revolutionary in Hollywood.

Love is, indeed, in the air, and it’s for everyone, not just the couples. This February, we’ll all be able to feel some connection with each other, regardless of what stage of our love lives we’re in.

Happy February!


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By Monique