Hooray! Peter’s alive and kickin’ in the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home.


Overall, it looks like a great expansion story for Peter Parker and the entire Marvel franchise. I think the trailer also drops some subtle hints with what we can expect for the future of the franchise.

First of all, we have Nick Fury sending Peter on an international mission. It should be noted that we don’t see anything regarding Iron Man except for one small mention of him by one of Peter’s kid friends. There’s no indication if he’s alive or dead, so I’m inclined to think that he could be dead or otherwise incapacitated. Why? Because it was Nick who called on Peter, not who we would expect, not Tony, who is basically Peter’s surrogate father. If anyone would call on Peter, you’d think it’d be him.

However, maybe he’s alive, but feels tons of guilt regarding what happened to Peter in Infinity War. So Nick, who has no ties to Peter, is now the person who gives Peter his missions.

Second, it would appear that the world gets restored, which makes me think that whatever happens with the Time and Soul Stones probably take place. Somehow, Captain Marvel has righted the wrongs of Thanos, so that’s good to see. However, I would like to see if someone–ANYONE–is in counseling after the Snap. I know I’d be.

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Third, all of Peter’s high school friends and enemies are present and accounted for. To me, this means that if everything’s been restored to how it was pre-Snap, everyone who might have died during the Snap have all come back. Remember, we don’t know who out of Marvel’s regular civilian characters died. Surely, out of the stable of kids in Spider-Man: Homecoming, some of them must have gotten dusted. But as we can see in the trailer, everyone is here and ready to tease Peter into oblivion.

Overall, we can see how this trailer undercuts all of the drama and secrecy Marvel and the Russos have been trying to cultivate regarding Infinity War and Endgame. While they’ve been saying that the heroes who died have supposedly “actually died,” it’s clearly obvious by now that they don’t stay dead. Most of what the Russos have been saying have just been clever semantics. Yes, they “died,” but they are only in a spiritual time-out. And there’s always the possibility that no one will remember anything after Captain Marvel sets things right.

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And there’s the villain, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). I don’t know anything about Mysterio, and if I’m being honest, I don’t really care about him as a character–I’m only here for Peter Parker and his high school antics. I particularly don’t care after reading a little bit more about Mysterio’s origins–he’s a magician and hypnotist-turned-supervillian. I’m sure Marvel will jazz up his character the same way they did Vulture, but…I’ll just wait until the film comes out to get into him.

So many unanswered questions…which will be answered this summer! Spider-Man: Far From Home comes to theaters July 5.

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By Monique