Benedict Cumberbatch sipping tea from an ornate teacup and holding a sign that reads, "You. Me. Tea."

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JUST ADD COLOR has been diving deep into some Sherlock talk recently, so it only makes sense that we provide some Benedict Cumberbatch news and guess what–it’s news that’s for a good cause!

Our favorite all-knowing detective (who is now a part of the Marvel team as Doctor Strange) has teamed up with fundraising site Omaze to raise money for organization GEANCO. By donating $10-$100 (or more; donations can go all the way up to $5,000 and gain prizes such as a signed Doctor Strange DVD and signed Doctor Strange comic book), you can earn 100 extra entries toward your chance to have you and your friend win tickets to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere and have tea with Cumberbatch himself.

To quote Omaze:

What pairs better than Brits and their tea? You and Benedict Cumberbatch. Also with tea. That’s right, you and your luckiest friend will fly out to Los Angeles to join everyone’s favorite detective/genius/hero for some quality tea time—complete with everything from delightful conversation to silly selfies. Think this sounds like the best day ever? Take a deep breath, because there’s more. Before you part ways, you’ll also get tickets for the Avengers: Infinity War premiere, where you’ll be one of the first to see the most anticipated movie of the year… all alongside the coolest and funniest batch of heroes. Flights and hotels are on us.

Your donations will help GEANCO, which is helping Nigerian women and girls.

GEANCO’s mission is to save and transform lives in Africa by focusing on the health and education of those in Nigeria. Your donations will help provide life-changing scholarships to young female victims of terrorism and gender inequality, orthopedic surgeries to those in desperate need, and maternal and infant health programs.

Omaze is also running a parallel contest to benefit GEANCO, giving Cumberbatch fan art creators a chance to win a custom tea set.

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The rules, as stated on Omaze’s Tumblr:

– Must be original artwork that YOU created for this contest
– Must be of Benedict Cumberbatch—bonus points for a tea party theme!
– File size must be under 10MB
– Format should be jpg/jpeg or png
– Tag your submission with #BenedictCompeTEAtion

There will be one grand prize winner who’ll take home the full custom tea set, plus a runner-up will win a Cumberbatch tea cup. EVERYONE who enters gets an exclusive promo code for 100 extra entries towards their chance to have tea with Benedict AND tickets to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere. This campaign supports GEANCO and their work to provide healthcare and education services to save and transform lives in Nigeria.

You can enter your artwork through the Tumblr submission form. The fan art contest ends April 5.

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Omaze has been kind enough to send over some of the artwork submissions, and these are creative and many of them are very, very Alice in Wonderland-inspired. 

Make sure to enter the main contest at Omaze and the fan art contest at Omaze’s Tumblr! Congrats to all who enter!

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