It’s not a surprise that America’s getting tired of the Kardashians. We’ve had to endure what started out as a relatively harmless reality show for over a decade. It’s now turned into a monster for many different reasons, and Cosmopolitan just added to the Kardashian Hate Machine with their new cover, proclaiming the Klan as “America’s First Family.” To which Twitter responded, “But what about the actual First Family, the Obamas”?

If you watch Fox News 24/7, you’d think that most of America hated the Obamas. But actually, many Americans quite like them, whether or not they agree with all of the President’s decisions. More important than just liking the Obamas, many Americans respect them. They’ve not only served our country well, but they’ve also served with dignity, grace, and more style than all of the presidencies the U.S. has had put together.

Also, Cosmopolitan‘s slap in the face to the Obamas smacks of the racial and historical insensitivity beauty magazines have been guilty of for years, especially in recent times. We’ve had to endure brown nail polish (i.e. flesh tone colors for brown people) get called ugly, people (including one of those young Jenners) wearing cornrows and have them lauded as fashion pioneers while black people have been wearing cornrows for literal centuries, get baby hair co-opted by fashion houses, and then get told in subtle terms that some of us are just too dark to be beautiful. And on top of all of this, we have to suffer the indignity of having our beautiful black First Family get shafted the sidelines for the KARDASHIANS??

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Yes, I’m irritated, but if you think what I’m saying is something, just take a look at Twitter. They’ve let Cosmopolitan have it.

What do you think about all of this? Leave your comments below!

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By Monique