The second season premiere of How to Get Away with Murder was a jaw-dropper, wasn’t it? Did we expect to see Annalise in a pool of her own blood? Who wants to do this to our beloved (and messed-up) defense attorney? I don’t know who the killer could be, but take your guesses in this poll!

There are many suspects, chief among them being Wes and Bonnie. Both have plenty of motive; Wes will eventually figure out that Annalise covered up Rebecca’s death and Bonnie might want revenge on her beloved Annalise after she called her a monster for killing Rebecca. But there’s also Nate, who might just want to kill her to get her out of his life, Eve, who might get tired of dealing with Annalise once and for all, and any of the Keating 5, who figure out that Annalise knew who killed Sam and Rebecca. The killer could also be someone we might not suspect (like Oliver) or someone we haven’t even met yet. There are literally too many choices to be had here.

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So test your sleuthing skills and give me your guesses! This poll will be up all season long, so check back and see how your favorite suspect is doing! If you liked this poll, share it with your friends!

Photo credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC
Photo in poll: Mitchell Haaseth

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By Monique