There are a ton of pictures and trailers that have the interwebs buzzing. Let’s get into it.

Of course, let’s get the big news from SDCC out the way. Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman. The Suicide Squad trailer is posted here. Here’s Batman vs. Superman:

Other news making the rounds: The first look photos from X-Men: Apocalypse. Most people aren’t pleased with the villain’s look, and there are cries of wanting Lupita Nyong’o to portray young Storm instead of Alexndra Shipp. I know why they chose Shipp, since they were trying to get someone who looked like a young Halle Berry, but let’s just say the Lifetime Aaliyah did her no favors. But she did land this big-time movie role, so that’s good for her. That’s all I’ll say about lil’ Storm. Overall, though, I’m more excited by Jubilee’s look. Her’s and Psylocke’s look are, to me, possibly the closest to the comic books (and that’s including Storm’s comic-appropriate mohawk).

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Fear the Walking Dead has a new trailer and poster, (the trailer created for Comic Con, and I’d assume the poster was created to carry the Comic Con buzz as well). Variety has this version of the poster; Facebook has the version without the words:


Also, the show will show the Latino immigrant experience, as io9 reports. I’ll be fascinated to see how this works out in the storyline.

Fantastic Four has two new videos out. There’s a featurette showing the group’s origins as well as a new trailer.

Hulu’s Miami Beach-set music industry drama “South Beach” has a trailer. This is the first I’ve heard of this show, and since I was a recent denizen of Miami, I’m kinda interested to see how Miami Beach is represented.

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To keep with the Miami theme, a new trailer for Netflix’s drama Narcos is out:

Lastly, the scary trailer for Attack on Titan, is out for U.S. audiences. This is one show that really unnerves me sometimes, so I can’t even imagine what the movie’s going to be like.

What do you think about all of these trailers and posters and pictures? Give your opinions below!

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