I wrote last week that I’d have this post up, but I just couldn’t make it. 1) I honestly didn’t know what to write about 2) I was progressively getting sicker and sicker. Not sick in a “flu” type of way, but sick in a “my anemia is kicking in and I need iron” type of way. Suffice it to say, I stayed in bed all weekend, watching LEGO set reviews (shoutout to JANGBRICKS).

Anyways, let’s get on with it. 

First, I was notified that I’ve been writing “Ma’at” instead of “Ma’an.” Sorry about that. Sigh. I hate mistakes, especially when an EW.com reader points it out. I didn’t read the commenter’s post fully, so I don’t know how crudely they dinged me on this, but in any case, thanks, whoever you are, for point out that mistake. Consider it noted.

Last week’s Tyrant was very good (read my EW Community post to see for yourself!). In fact, I’d say the drama surrounding Jamal and Leila’s side of the Al-Fayeed family was very well written. (The Family Game Night moment can be debated, but still.) I was so engrossed in their struggles that I nearly forgot Bassam was still with the Bedouins, potentially putting them in danger. In fact, there would be moments when I’d be watching the high drama between Leila and Jamal as they try to figure out how to get beyond the chemical warfare Abuddin inflicted on Ma’an, and just when I’m thinking, “Oh man, what a great ending point for the show! What a great cliffhanger!” Then we cut back to the desert, with now-well Bassam plotting and scheming on how to stay alive and not make his foster family human collateral. (To be honest, I think Bassam’s narcissistic enough to not care if he makes his foster family collateral. Their impending deaths will just be another way he can experience the guilt he needs to keep his internal narrative of “beleaguered savior” going.)

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That gets into my main read for the day: If Bassam and his American family are going to be in the show, they need to get INTERESTING. One would think them grieving over Bassam’s “death” would have tons to draw from. But all we get is one scene of Molly crying in the car and now one scene with Molly lightly “chiding” Sammy about having sex in her house? We can’t even call what she did “chiding” since most of it, if not all of it, was off-camera. And now Sammy’s inherited beaucoup money, so now all the sadness of Bassam’s death is now eternally gone. Except for Sammy’s sister, since she inherits nothing, unfortunately.

I would expect for Sammy’s recent windfall of wealth to provide some drama, but the most I’m expecting is for Sammy to go back to Abuddin, reconnect with Abdul, and blow wads of cash. I figure he’ll do something in his father’s fight for Abuddin supremacy and feel as if he’s regained his father’s love or whatnot. But I hope they can wring even more drama than that out of Bassam’s family. Of course, we have that lawyer dude who’s now hanging around the family. It’s already telegraphed that he’s going to be Molly’s new love interest. I wish they were already together and that Bassam was already back in Molly’s life, so we can have the real fireworks. I don’t even know this lawyer dude that well, but he’s clearly already more stable (in many ways) than Bassam will ever be.

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Perhaps something can do down between Sammy and Jamal’s new son Rami, which leads me to the last section of this post. I’m making all kinds of Tyrant friends! First, it was Cameron Gharaee, now it’s Keon Alexander, who’s playing Rami starting this Tuesday. I don’t know what kind of drama Rami’s going to bring to the proceedings, but I’m excited to find out.

What did you think of last week’s episode? Could you care less about Bassam and the American Al-Fayeeds? Were you the person who alerted me about my “Ma’at/Ma’an” mistake? Sound off in the comments section below and make sure to follow COLOR on Facebook and Twitter! Also, follow me on EW.com to keep up with the latest Tyrant recaps!

TYRANT — “Faith” — Episode 203 (Airs Tuesday, June 30, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: Adam Rayner as Barry. CR: Kata Vermes/FX

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