People have been worried about if Sleepy Hollow is coming back. Even I’ve been a little affected despite my belief that the show has a good chance at coming back. The new Fox pilot Frankenstein was making me a little concerned, since there are elements to the story that’s very similar to Sleepy Hollow‘s crazy sci-fi nonsense.

But there was one thing I saw yesterday that made me completely secure in Sleepy Hollow‘s future once again. That thing was seeing the official Fox Sleepy Hollow page invite people to make fun of Katrina and Henry’s deaths.


The official call to action is this:

Ding Dong… the witch is dead. Whether a Good Witch or a Bad Witch, Katrina certainly left her mark on Sleepy Hollow. Both Katrina and her troubled son Henry paid the ultimate price in the shocking SLEEPY HOLLOW season finale. Love them or hate them, Ichabod’s dysfunctional family will be missed.

To pay them proper tribute, we call ALL #SleepyHeads to create your own meme celebrating Katrina and Henry using the photos below (See our example above)! Create and post your meme to your social media pages using #SLEEPYMEME! We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

First of all:

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giphy (12)

WOW, FOX. Seriously? I know Sleepy Hollow has had its hardcore moments, but doggonit, have a heart! I’m not even a Katrina fan and I’m feeling some kind of way about making fun of her death. It seems like Fox is saying, “Let’s all jump on her grave like a trampoline, then have a picnic on it!”

Second, you can quit pretending like people are going to make fun of (or, as they say, “celebrate”) both Henry and Katrina, Fox. People actually liked Henry. Hardly anyone liked Katrina. You know exactly who these memes will be about.

Third, this is a level of fan interaction that I wouldn’t put on a show that could be going off the air. What I’m saying is that they’re still asking for the fans to be engaged. What’s more, they’re asking fans to be engaged about a part of the show they’ll love hating on. To me, that says that Fox wants the fans to stick around because they’re working on the show behind the scenes.

Of course, I could be wrong; crazier things have happened in the world. But if Fox was really getting rid of Sleepy Hollow, I doubt they’d invite fans to create death memes.

Since we’re talking about death memes, let’s take a look at a few:

Want to make your own? Visit Fox and indulge in the gleeful memeing.

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