WHAT AN EPISODE. Also, it’s a strange (and, in many ways, fitting) to go into this episode, “Awakening,” with an already heated mindset from watching The Book of Negroes, since Abbie gets sent back to that time period. At the very least, we can hang our hats on the fact that Sleepy Hollow is on standard television and also is not a faithful rendering of the horrors of the 18th century, so we won’t see Abbie beaten or worse. But Abbie just being back in the 18th century is trying enough on the nerves, not to mention the worry of how she’ll convince 18th century Ichabod that she’s trustworthy.

Very quick synopsis: Ichabod and Abbie have to save the town from becoming witches and warlocks thanks to Henry and Katrina’s plot involving the town’s replica of the Liberty Bell.  They also have to keep an evil Irving at bay. This is the least of what happens in this episode.


Let’s start this recap with the other part of the episode everyone’s talking about, Katrina turning evil. It was a turn that was largely without setup, but all we really care about is that she’s evil. I’ve got a full list as to how the writers could have made her evil turn make sense in the scope of the canon. But she’s evil. Hurrah.

At the very least Henry brought up the idea of him and Katrina ruling the new coven of the apocalypse. I’d always hoped that would happen, and it finally did. Maybe not the exact way I wanted, but it happened.

It would also appear I was right and wrong in my predictions of who would kill Henry. Turns out it, it wasn’t just Abbie or Ichabod. It was both of them. Ichabod finally quit waffling and helped Abbie get the battle for Earth back on track. It took a Biblical amount of resolution though, like how Abraham had resolved himself towards killing his son Isaac to pass God’s test.

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Another thing that’s got everyone abuzz: IRVING’S FREE! His soul is back (somehow) and he’s back on our side! Now, if Henry’s dead, wouldn’t that mean Irving would die again too? I would think Henry would have to release Irving’s soul for it to be completely back, but whatever! As long as this show’s hokey rules allow for Irving to be back to us without  strings attached, I’m happy. I just won’t question it.

So, basically everything’s back the way it was, right? Irving’s free and sane (but still with the same Evil Irving/Blade haircut), Jenny’s still alive (thank goodness!) and Abbie and Ichabod have vanquished Henry, who was about to really reign supreme over the world alongside his twisted mother.

But alas! (Yes, “alas.” I went there.) Just as Abbie’s about to catch hold of Katrina, who’s going back in time to save her son (who would be unborn in the past), they both get sucked back to the 18th century! As I wrote up top, going into this having seen The Book of Negroes is fitting, since it shows how little this show will be dealing with actual history in an effort to not overtly offend it’s large swath of minority viewers, but minority viewers are still side-eyeing this development.


No one wants to see Abbie get treated less than she deserves, even though at the same time, she would get treated inhumanly if she were to actually go back to this time. That is, if the show were going to be realistic about this plot development. I never felt so second-hand isolated for a character until seeing her try to act like a human with rights in a barbaric time.

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But, I’ll argue one thing in favor of this development, and that is when Abbie gets back to the 21st century (because they’ve already said this particular storyline will resolve itself by the end of the finale), Ichabod will be even more grateful for her friendship (and love) and will promise to never let anything or anyone tear them apart again. I’m expecting a huge Ichabbie hug after this torture, show. Deliver what I want so I don’t go to bed with a headache next week!  Also, I can’t go without saying how clever the episode (and the writer, Raven Metzer) to reference Ichabod’s entrance in the pilot with Abbie’s emergence into 18th century Sleepy Hollow.

I’ll probably write a lot more about this on the website, but this is all I’ve got for now; between this show, The Book of Negroes, and the little part of the Stevie Wonder tribute I caught, I’m beat. But I can go to bed happy that Irving’s back, Jenny’s still alive, Katrina’s evil and about to get stuck in the past, and Ichabod and Abbie will be together once again, this time, with now annoying wife and idiotic son (I will miss John Noble, though).

What did you think of this episode? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

 Photo credit: Brownie Harris/FOX

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By Monique