As I wrote last week, How to Get Away with Murder is a great show, but it’s also a show whose “OMG” moments last as long as the show is still on. Once the episode is over, then it’s time to go to bed and forget it. Again, this is not a condemnation of the show, but this is just what the show’s like.

Annalise-Keating 5-HTGAWM-Best-Christmas-Ever

Okay, so let’s get to the high points. Everyone in the Keating 5 had varying degrees of terrible Christmases, with Michaela having the worst. Aiden dumped her after her horrific behavior in front of his colleague (she assumed they were screwing around just because Aiden has a bi-curious past) and, apparently, she was acting erratically all December long. It would seem that Asher spent the holidays with Frank, Laurel made her father angry, Wes spent much of the holidays fighting off nightmares with Rebecca, and Connor lied to his loving sister about his “boyfriend” Oliver, while Oliver doesn’t want to get back with him. Or does he?


Even Annalise had a rough Christmas, spending much of the time in a hotel drinking herself silly and crying. She was also trying to avoid Sam’s sister, Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden), who doesn’t believe her brother could kill another person, much less a pregnant co-ed.

Hannah does her best Annalise herself, snooping around every corner and tailing Annalise at every turn, but she comes up empty handed. She does know Annalise is hiding something, and over a chicken dinner, Annalise tells her (most of) the truth—that she was involved with Nate after Sam became involved with Lila, and that Sam was with Lila the night of her death. She also revealed that she tried to hide Sam’s sins as long as she could, even at the risk of her job.

I haven’t even gotten to the case of the night! It was one that seemed to not really fit the COTN set-up, since it was heck-a deep. A woman is a rape victim but becomes an accomplice to her rapist/husband’s subsequent kidnappings and rapes. She also has a child that she keeps hidden away, even though she thinks she’s protecting her. Thankfully, she’s going to jail, but I’d hope she also gets herself some counseling as well; she had been raped since she was a kid. She really has no true sense of self or well-being.


The biggest turn of the night was that Sam’s body was found. I’m so glad that it was found early on in the second season, because once Sam’s body is back in the game, that means that people the drama is really going to heat up.

What did you think about this episode? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

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