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So what happened in the first half of the season? A lot of things, so much so that I don’t think it’ll make a lot of sense going point by point. So I’ll just highlight the big moments and certain character ticks that fuel the story.

• Annalise Keating is the reason to watch the story. She’s great at her job, but she’s also full of contradictions and clearly doesn’t know who she is as a person except when she’s lying to someone.

• Wes is a mini-Annalise, someone who knows how to lie and maneuver themselves without anyone thinking he’s in on a bigger, more nefarious plot. He killed Annalise’s husband Sam after Wes and Rebecca deduce that Sam killed Lila Stanguard, Rebecca’s friend and Sam’s lover (who was also pregnant with his child). But Annalise figures it out and not only commends Wes for it, but is now helping him hide the murder. This leads to my theory that Wes is going to make Rebecca go down for the murder and he’ll run off with Annalise, who is oddly attached to him.

• Rebecca is supposed to be Wes’ girlfriend by the end of the winter finale, but Rebecca is not really likable. The other students don’t like her and neither do many fans who watch the show. She’s very off-putting, which is why she’s a perfect fall guy for both the Lila Stanguard crime (which I believe she was cleared from) and, potentially, Sam’s murder.

• Det. Nate Lahey is currently trying his best to destroy Annalise’s career after a tryst with her landed him in hot water with his department, leading to him losing his job. Let’s also not forget that Lahey’s morals run much more astray than just having an affair; he was having an affair with Annalise while his wife is dying of cancer. Currently, Lahey is working with Rebecca to clear her name (while exposing Annalise in the process, although Rebecca doesn’t know this).

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• Connor is always sleeping with people to get information, but now he’s lost his mind after Sam’s murder. He screwed over the one person with whom he truly connected with, Oliver, by sleeping with another man to get information for a case, which resulted in the man jumping to his death (long story). So not only does Connor feel guilty about Sam, but he feels guilty about that other dude’s death and for ruining the only relationship he ever had. He also hates Michaela for some reason.

• Michaela is bougie, and her bouginess makes her a liability when it comes to keeping this crime a secret. She’s also engaged to a man who was formerly a sex buddy to Connor (sort of–it was while they were in boarding school), and her mother is out to make sure that her son has a good match who doesn’t steal all of his money, which leads to Michaela with a prenup forced upon her. At first, Michaela’s not down with the prenup, but after the murder and realizing that marriage to a powerful family with powerful lawyers will help keep her from jail, Michaela willingly signs the prenup (as well as her life) to get her in-law’s protection.

• Asher has separated himself from his father, a former judge. He used to look up to his father, but once he realized during a case that his father sent someone to jail simply because they were black and could be believed as a fall guy, he became disillusioned and his father kicked him out.  Otherwise, Asher is a happy-go-lucky frat guy who thinks his fellow co-eds are his friends (they’re not). He’s currently having a “relationship” with Bonnie.

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• Bonnie gains her reason for living by working for Annalise. She had an affair of sorts with Sam just to find out more information about what he was doing with Lila. This information causes Annalise to fire her (which led to an amazing groveling Bonnie scene). Bonnie is now seemingly recklessly sleeping with men, including one man at a hotel and Asher. But it would seem she’s trying to angle herself into some kind of plot. Or to have an alibi when something goes down. Or to simply stay in the loop of Annalise’s life.

• Frank sleeps with the interns, including Laurel, but Annalise keeps him on staff because of his reliability in certain delicate situations. Frank is Annalise’s muscle on these occasions. Bonnie seems to act like a sister to him, wanting him to stop philandering and protect himself.

• Laurel is somehow a “secret weapon in the making,” but, to me, she makes stupid decisions. She’s currently sleeping with Frank, but she has a relationship with Kan. She seems to not know what she wants out of life, but she knows how to cover up a murder (sort of)—she’s one of the few students who don’t loose their cool when Sam’s murder.

I think that’s all. Hopefully, if you’re not caught up, this will help. I’ll be live-tweeting the show @moniqueblognet, so follow me and see what I have to say!

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