You might have already read my interview with Wedding Palace co-screenwriter Robert Gardner, so you’re already aware of this cute and charming movie. But there’s something else important about Wedding Palace; it offers Hollywood a different pathway towards making films. This pathway should be a no-brainer, but it’s path that Hollywood regularly averts, which is actually casting actors and actresses that represent the characters and their heritage.

All-Asian cast? Check. A cast that reflects both Korean and Korean-American experiences? Double check. Also, it introduces us to the talents of Jurassic World‘s Brian Tee and Hye-jeong Kang as the film’s leading couple, Brian and Na Young.

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Also, there are many more instances of racially insensitive casting than there are sensitive ones. Even though I’ve been developing a list in order to have some already-generated ideas for this column, I still need some help. If you’ve got a moment of racially sensitive casting that you’d like me to touch on, write about it in the comments section.

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