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"Aloha": People Sound Off on Emma Stone's Character, Cameron Crowe Apologizes

4 Minutes read

Since the release and subsequent failure of Aloha, many people have been making known their grievances with the film, as well as some of the discussion itself. 

"Aloha" and the History of The "Asian/Pacific Islands" Hollywood War Movie

5 Minutes read

I love Bradley Cooper. I love Emma Stone. I do not love Aloha. Neither does Hawaii. (You can read Sony’s “We have our own Hawaiian supporters so the film’s not offensive” defense here.) It’s one of those movies you know everything about it without having to watch it. Just viewing the trailer is enough. And, if you’ve viewed…

Being Latinx in Hollywood: Media creators talk representation

34 Minutes read

Latinx representation in Hollywood is something that seems to be suspiciously under the radar, even though it’s highly important, as the Latinx identity is one that is diverse and multifaceted. Despite characters like Sofia Vergara’s Gloria in ABC’s Modern Family and the casts of Lifetime’s Devious Maids and TNT’s Queen of the South existing in…

Racially insensitive casting: Zach McGowan as Ben Kanahele in “Ni’ihau”

2 Minutes read

Another day, another whitewashing controversy. This one has been brewing for some days now, and it involves a historical film called Ni’ihau. The film is based on a true story of a Japanese WWII pilot crash landing on Hawaii, where he was taken in by local leader Ben Kanahele. Here’s the full scoop from Deadline: …Shigenori Nishikaichi,…

Mediaversity Reviews: “The Great Wall”

5 Minutes read

“Matt Damon swoops down on a balloon and saves her with my favorite line of the movie, “And here I am,” with all the non sequitur his very presence in this entire film brings.” Title: The Great Wall (2017) Director: Yimou Zhang ???? Writers: Carlos Bernard ????, Doug Miro  ????, Tony Gilroy  ???? Reviewed by…

JUST ADD COLOR’s “Ghost in the Shell” and “Dr. Strange” Online Roundtable featuring Claire Lanay and Keith Chow

27 Minutes read

Ghost in the Shell and Dr. Strange are two of the latest in a litany of projects in Hollywood that have whitewashed and otherwise erased Asian identity from film. The films have been an issue for as much as a year in advance (or, in Ghost in the Shell’s case, longer) before their initial releases,…

#OscarsSoWhite Gets Academy Results and Old Guard Fallout

16 Minutes read

There has been too much Oscars news lately! Well, complaining is wrong; there’s been just the right amount of Oscars news since it’s actually news affecting change. And in the past 24+ hours, there has been tons of movement (and tons of upset). Here’s what’s happened in four sections. The facts The big fact of the weekend…

Exclusive Interview: Christine Chen (Director, "Blind Date Rules")

7 Minutes read

The second in the Blind Date Rules interview series is here! As you might recall, I’ve spoken to co-writer and star Brie Eley, and today, I’m sharing my interview with the director of the short film and founder of Austin, TX-based Moth to Flame Films, Christine Chen. In this interview, Chen talked about working with the cast, what…

ICYMI: This Week in Blogs

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Here are some of the op-eds and interviews I read this week!