Patrick Patterson in his LA Clippers jersey tosses a basketball

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Why Salim and The Jinn’s story is the heart of “American Gods”

I’ll say up front that I am anĀ American Gods virgin. I’ve never read the book, so I went into this entire season blind. Heck, IĀ still don’t know exactly what I witnessed in my three-episode...

Twitter Users Create #NativeLivesMatter In Response to Killing of Unarmed Native American Men

We’ve seen #BlackLivesMatter and now #MuslimLivesMatter, but there’s yet another hashtag bringing awareness to marginalized people who are constantly subjected to unwarranted violence, Native Americans. The hashtag #NativeLivesMatter brings to light the sheer volume...

2019 Oscars Talk: Hopes, Fears, And Expectations

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