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“The Conjuring 2” Starts Filming, Expected for June 2016 Release

3 Minutes read

The Conjuring fans, this one’s all for you. 

"Sleepy Hollow": The Lesson Fox Learned about Viewers' Love for Diversity on TV

9 Minutes read

I’ve been following Sleepy Hollow since the beginning (from my first website,, so I’ve followed the fans ups and downs, whether it came to the first Ichabbie hug or when Katrina finally got out of Purgatory. I’ve loved seeing what meta critiques the fans have, and, to be fair, I’ve tried to do my part to…

"Sleepy Hollow": Four Storylines to Use in Season Three (and Two That Need Wrapping Up)

5 Minutes read

I’m still in the belief that Sleepy Hollow will be renewed for a third season (probably with some changes which can be read about here and here). Because I believe it’s coming, there are some storylines I hope the writers use. These storylines will not only keep the show focused, but it’ll also make the viewers…

"Sleepy Hollow": Tom Mison Talks Ichabod's "Love" for Abbie, Neil Jackson Out as Headless??

4 Minutes read

Leave it to Tom Mison, the master of giving away too much in interviews, to decisively break the Sleepy Hollow fandom with his latest interview with TV Guide. In the video, which is about Abbie/Ichabod vs. Katrina/Ichabod, Tom says some serious verbage about how Ichabod really feels about Abbie.

A Tale of Two Tragedies: Charlie Hebdo and Baga, Nigeria

10 Minutes read

I am back from a small break due to travel! Unfortunately, I’m starting my return back to COLOR with awful news.

Queer Coded: Thranduil ("The Hobbit" Franchise)

9 Minutes read

I’ve been thinking about Thranduil a lot. Most of my thinking has been about how I knew people would receive him, as shown by this article and lots of things on Tumblr and this Twitter page. Even I have talked about Thranduil in a slightly “fabulous” manner, describing him to my siblings and in a…