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"Empire" recap: "Our Dancing Days"

4 Minutes read

AAAAAAAAAAAAUUGGGHHH!!!! Usually I reserve this kind of beginning for Downton Abbey recaps. But this time, this is for Empire! Also, this is a good scream!

"Empire" recap: "Out, Damned Spot"

10 Minutes read

Well, well, well…it would seem that even though Cookie is always the one to watch, there were some other big character moments that really brought the story to even a higher level. It’s no wonder that the show keeps growing its viewership every single week.

"Empire" recap: "Dangerous Bonds"

7 Minutes read

Empire is really introducing some hard “OMG” moments now with the episode “Dangerous Bonds.” I don’t know what I’m excited/scared for the most—Andre tearing his brothers apart or Cookie running for her life now that she’s got some powerful gangsters killed!

"Empire" Makes Fox History, Makes Diversity What TV Networks Crave

3 Minutes read

Empire has really shown TV networks what a show with a black main cast can do. The series, states IndieWire, has made Fox history, become the first show in 22 years to increase ratings and viewership for the network. In fact, each week, it tops itself in the ratings, quickly becoming this TV season’s juggernaut.

"Empire" recap: "False Imposition"

5 Minutes read

Maybe “False Imposition” is the first episode of Empire that I felt was just a little off. There are a lot of things in things to juggle in this show—this is a soap opera, a drama, and a musical all at the same time. But it seemed like it was a little difficult to handle the…

Analyzing the Costumes of "Empire": The Lyons

5 Minutes read

Empire  is a show that’s soapy, dramatic, and fun. Of course, with a show like this, the costuming is going to come into play. Thankfully, the show takes a pages from Dynasty and Mad Men, especially if go by Tom and Lorenzo’s expert analysis of those characters’ closets.  The Empire characters say a lot about themselves through their…

"Empire" recap: "The Devil Quotes Scripture"

4 Minutes read

The episodes keep getting more and more ridiculous, but in a good way. I’m not even sure how to rationalize some of what I saw, but I will say that I’m glad that Jamal, one of the few sane people in this family, has finally taken his tail from between his legs and is now…

"Empire" recap: "The Outspoken King"

7 Minutes read

It’s been a long, arduous week with not a lot of time to get settled, so a lot of posts have been pushed to the backburner (and some might not even get published at all, honestly — I think I’ll have to start doing a link post featuring cool articles once in a while. But enough…

Review: "Empire" is Platinum

7 Minutes read

Synopsis (Fox): EMPIRE is a sexy and powerful new drama about the head of a music empire whose three sons and ex-wife all battle for his throne. My opinions: Consider me a fan of Empire. To be honest, I was already sold from the moment I heard it was a show starring Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard, and…