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Queer Coded: Loki (the "Thor" Franchise)

5 Minutes read

There is a lot to unpack about Loki. First, he’s a mythological character that has the ability to change from a man to a woman to an animal to anything else. He’s also advancing the LGBT cause in his own comic book, in which he’s bisexual (not to mention able to change gender, although this isn’t…

WOC Wednesday: Anika Noni Rose (+ News about "Bone Street Rumba")

1 Minute read

Anika Noni Rose is getting the WOC Wednesday honor this week! She’s been the first black Disney princess, a big TV star in The Good Wife and The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency and others, a huge Broadway star (of course), and now, she’s a power-player in Hollywood TV pilot season.

WOC Wednesday: Lupita Nyong'o

2 Minutes read

I can’t have a WOC Wednesday post without Lupita Nyong’o being on the list.

Fantasy Casting: "Noah"

3 Minutes read

I’ve been on a tirade about Exodus: Gods and Kings, and if I’m being honest, I think I’ll always be upset about that movie. But what I’m not upset about is that the film brought in only $8.6 million its first day in the theaters. That’s exponentially less money than what the studio was expecting to make, particularly to…

Interview Rewind: "Hey Arnold" Composer Jim Lang

11 Minutes read

Another Interview Rewind! I mentioned in my IR post about Craig Bartlett that I’d also interviewed Hey Arnold! composer Jim Lang. I thought it’d be cool to republish both this and the Bartlett interviews to celebrate the release of Hey Arnold!: The Complete Series on DVD from Shout! Factory.

"Moana" is coming 2016

1 Minute read

Disney is adding to their POC film collection with their upcoming film Moana. The film revels in Polynesian lore and culture and features female protagonist who goes off in search of a mysterious land.

Another "Toy Story" Film? A Discussion on Pixar's New Love of Sequels

4 Minutes read

Here’s some news I’m uninspired by. There’s going to be fourth Toy Story movie! But didn’t Pixar say the Toy Story 3 was the last Toy Story?