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New “Creed” Promo Set During Season Two Premiere of “Empire”

2 Minutes read

Empire news! We’ve got some Empire news here! Empire and Creed news, to be exact.

First "Empire" Photos from Season Two Released

1 Minute read

Empire is coming back next week and FOX has released a slew of photos from the Season Two premiere, “The Devils Are Here” and one photo from the Sept. 30 episode “Without a Country.”

Trailers, Promos and Posters: "Empire," "Fantastic Four" + More

2 Minutes read

Here’s what I’ve collected over the weeks:

Casting News: Adam Rodriguez Coming to "Empire," "The Walking Dead" Franchise Gets New Castmembers and More

2 Minutes read

Okay, let’s talk about something other than Rachel Dolezal for a second. Casting news and whatnot!

"Empire" recap: "Die But Once/Who I Am"

5 Minutes read

Like so many season finales this year, I literally don’t know what happened, even though I’ve watched every minute of it. Let’s go down what happened in bulleted points, because I’d be writing for days if I went second by second.

"Empire" recap: "Sins of the Father"

3 Minutes read

First of all, I know this recap is HECKA late. I’m so sorry for that; I had a lot of work to catch up on and some job opportunities to apply for, and then my internet went out…so things got hectic. Anyway, enough of my apologizing. Let’s just skip all the pretense and get into…

Exclusive Interview: Eric Haywood (Screenwriter, "Empire")

13 Minutes read

Empire is on the tongues of everyone who watches TV nowadays. the Fox series has made waves every week since its premiere, and the buzz has only gotten bigger. I was very excited to speak with one of Empire‘s screenwriters, Eric Haywood. We discussed the state of TV diversity, what fans can expect from the rest of the…

"Empire" recap: "Unto the Breach"

6 Minutes read

What an episode! There were twists and turns, guns and sizzurp, scheming and elevator breaches, hacks and mental breakdowns, and a sweet comeuppance moment for Jamal!

"Empire" recap: "The Lyon's Roar"

6 Minutes read

Lucious Lyon is a big hypocrite. I think what I’m writing has been painfully obvious from the beginning of Empire, but this episode, “The Lyon’s Roar,” clearly shows in stark detail how much of a hypocrite Lucious is. He tells Jamal to sing his truth, and then gets mad when that truth isn’t what he wants…

Analyzing the Costumes of "Empire": Porsha, Michael, Camilla, and Tiana

3 Minutes read

In January, I wrote my first post analyzing the costumes on Empire. I’ve come back to this series to analyze the costumes of Porsha, Michael, Camilla and Tiana. Let’s get to it.