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Fans Answer the Question: Who to Cast in Disney’s Live-Action “Don Quixote”?

2 Minutes read

Don Quixote is getting the live-action Disney treatment, and since this is a Spanish story, this would be a great time for Disney to give audiences the all-Hispanic and Latinx cast they’ve been waiting for. Of course, some fans are already calling Disney on what they feel might happen: the probably inevitable casting of Johnny…

3 Ways the Live-Action “Mulan” Film Could Be a Hit, If Disney Listens to the Advice

7 Minutes read

Disney is continuing its live-action bent by making the rumor of a live-action version of Mulan movie true. The studio officially announced that the film, based on the studio’s animated 1998 hit, is in the works. Cue the anxiety, and rightfully so; Asian characters are the least showcased group in movies and in television. The penchant for Hollywood…

What Disney’s Lack of a Black Disney Prince Reveals about America’s View of Black Masculinity

11 Minutes read

We’ve got Aladdin. We’ve got Kokoum. We’ve got Shang. We’ve got Kuzco. We’ve got Naveen. We’ve got Maui, who is technically a demigod. But where’s the animated black Disney prince? Inquiring minds want to know, but inquiring minds also want to understand why the majesty of the black man has been erased from Disney’s range of…

Twitter Urges Disney Junior to Renew “Doc McStuffins”

1 Minute read

Disney Junior’s hit show Doc McStuffins has, mysteriously, not been renewed for a fifth season, and fans want to know why that is! The show, featuring a young black girl who is the doctor in residence for her stuffed toys, have inspired many girls and boys, and just as important, it helped viewers of color see themselves…

Disney Channel’s “Elena of Avalor” To Premiere July 22

6 Minutes read

Disney Channel fans (or family members of fans), take note: Disney’s first Latina princess, will make her debut on Elena of Avalor, airing Friday, July 22 at 7 p.m.-8 p.m. ET. Princess Elena of Avalor will finally be presented to the world in a one-hour premiere event. Gaby Moreno, Latin Grammy Award winner for Best New Artist,…

“Sanjay’s Super Team” Breaks Disney/Pixar Color Barrier

2 Minutes read

This is kind of an inflammatory title for a post, but it’s true: Disney and Pixar (or in its current configuration, Disney/Pixar) has a history of blocking other characters out and portraying a majority of their characters as white, even though their audience is much more than just white Americans. Finally, Disney/Pixar is working towards…

Auli’i Cravalho Becomes the Voice of Disney’s “Moana”

3 Minutes read

It’s an exciting time in the Disney Princess world! The voice for their latest princess movie Moana, has been found in 14-year-old newcomer Auli’i Cravalho!

Casting News: Disney Channel and Disney XD Casting Calls, "Sleepy Hollow" News + More

2 Minutes read

Tons of casting news! I’m only spending a sentence on each; click the links to learn more about each item.

Disney's Princess Problem: Why "Princess of North Sudan" Highlights Need for Disney's Princess Rehaul

9 Minutes read

Even though there are critiques about Lupita Nyong’o being a CG character in Star Wars Episode VI: The Force Awakens and people are annoyed with Avengers: Age of Ultron, Disney has, for the most part, been pleasing many fans with their Marvel and Lucasfilm acquisitions, along with their other Disney properties. But Disney has finally hit a wall with…

Queer Coded: Shang (Disney's "Mulan")

3 Minutes read

Tuesday, I said I had a lot of questions about the live-action version of Mulan that’s coming to theaters. One of my questions relates to characterization. Specifically how sexuality will be dealt with. Why? Because Shang’s supposed to fall in love with Mulan, right? But will Shang fall in love with Mulan as a girl or…