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Olympic-sized “Rogue One,” “Luke Cage,” “Hidden Figures” trailers promise awesomeness

5 Minutes read

The Olympics is like the Super Bowl in that lots of big properties reveal their big trailers. Three such trailers were released during the Rio Olympics: Luke Cage, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and Hidden Figures. Let’s take a look at each. Luke Cage First of all, it looks incredible. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve never…

What do critics of color have to say about “Proud Mary”?

8 Minutes read

(Photo credit: Dana Starbard/CTMG) I bet you wouldn’t have pegged Proud Mary as the first film of 2018 to spark controversy. The issue isn’t with the film itself; its how the film has been promoted–hardly at all. Folks on Twitter (both regular users and big folks with blue check marks) voiced their concern and anger of the…

Exclusive Interview: “Pretty Dudes” creator Chance Calloway on the power of inclusive webseries

12 Minutes read

You learned a little bit about the inner-workings of Pretty Dude creator Chance Calloway in his #RepresentYourStory article; now he’s back in a full-length interview! Pretty Dudes has recently wrapped its two-part season finale as well as filming for its theme song music video, all of which is available on the series’ YouTube page. Calloway, who…

Monique talks Oscar predictions on

1 Minute read

Are you interested in knowing what my thoughts are about the Oscars when it comes to films like Fences, Hidden Figures, Loving, and Moonlight? Just click on and read my first post for the illustrious website! I give Ebony readers my predictions on who has the best chances of winning the coveted Oscar trophy….

All eyes are on The Oscars

2 Minutes read

The Oscars are upon us, and this year in particular, all eyes are going to be on the nominees. We’re one year out from the phenomenon #OscarsSoWhite, which actually began two years ago by April Reign. The hashtag brought to light how lopsided the Academy nominating process has been, which resulted in showcasing primarily white…