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“Ghost in the Shell” roundup: First negative review, meme-gate & Aoki remix flop

6 Minutes read

There are several Ghost in the Shell things to catch up on, so let’s get into it. Last thing to discuss: Paramount has invested in some viral marketing to make Ghost in the Shell a hit with the social media crowd. Their meme website allows anyone to create memes of themselves illustrating why they’re unique….

JUST ADD COLOR’s “Ghost in the Shell” and “Dr. Strange” Online Roundtable featuring Claire Lanay and Keith Chow

27 Minutes read

Ghost in the Shell and Dr. Strange are two of the latest in a litany of projects in Hollywood that have whitewashed and otherwise erased Asian identity from film. The films have been an issue for as much as a year in advance (or, in Ghost in the Shell’s case, longer) before their initial releases,…

Care2 Petition Takes On Scarlett Johansson in "Ghost in the Shell"

2 Minutes read

Remember when the news about Scarlett Johansson playing playing Major Mokoto Kusanagi in the live-action Ghost in the Shell film was released? Remember how it was apparent that people would start petitioning and venting in outrage? Well, here’s the petition.

Problems with Scarlett Johansson's Casting in "Ghost in the Shell"

2 Minutes read

It’s official: Scarlett Johansson is going to play Major Mokoto Kusanagi in the Hollywood adaptation of the Japanese classic manga and anime series Ghost in the Shell. Color me and thousands of other Ghost in the Shell fans disappointed and oddly resigned. Resigned to resisting, that is.

A #GrantRose Valentine’s Day: A meditation on “Mr. Robot” power couple Whiterose and Grant

10 Minutes read

It’s Valentine’s Day, everybody. Everyone’s got their obligatory Valentine’s Day post, but I’m going to do things a little differently. You might say, I’m going to hack Cupid’s Day and inject a conversation about one of the breakout couples from Mr. Robot, Whiterose (BD Wong) and her loyal assistant/lover Grant (Grant Chang). I finally had a chance…

Ed Skrein shows how easy it is to stand against whitewashing

3 Minutes read

Ed Skrein has done what we’ve wanted other filthy rich movie stars who can afford to miss a whitewashing role to do—he turned down a whitewashing role, and offered a quick primer on whitewashing to the folks who might not get it. Skrein was supposed to play Ben Daimio in Hellboy: Rise of the Blood…