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“How to Get Away with Murder” React: A Bonnie Scorned

5 Minutes read

It’s finally happened: in How to Get Away with Murder‘s “I Want You to Die,” Bonnie’s finally gotten mad, and now she wants to get even. It’s about time, I’d say. Let’s get into some bulleted points. 

“How to Get Away with Murder” React: More Alexandra Billings

4 Minutes read

It’s no shock to anyone when I say that How to Get Away with Murder is, albeit a well written show, is a big “OMG” show, as in it’s all about the shock and awe and live-tweeting aspects of today’s primetime soap opera. However, there are those times when the show injects some real-world importance. The…

“How to Get Away with Murder” React: No Twincest!

4 Minutes read

In the latest How to Get Away with Murder episode, “Skanks Get Shanked,” stuff happened. Now I’m tired. 

“How to Get Away with Murder” react: Lots ‘o Sex

3 Minutes read

This week on How to Get Away with Murder was “How to Have Tons of Sex While Getting Murderers Off (The Hook).” Actually, the title of the episode was “It’s Called the Octopus,” which doesn’t give any indication as to the type of sex that the audience was in store for. Look, I’m not a big,…

“How to Get Away with Murder” react: WTF Happened in Court?

4 Minutes read

When the end of the How to Get Away with Murder episode “She’s Dying” aired, I was left with many thoughts. Too many thoughts. Why will the prosecutor get killed? What did Eve do in court? Will Annalise run away from her problems and live an “Olitz making jarred jam” life with Eve? (I already know…

“How To Get Away with Murder” recap: “It’s Time to Move On”

6 Minutes read

What can I say about this How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 premiere that hasn’t already been said? My jaw literally dropped when I saw the ending. These #TGIT nights are some gag-worthy nights, I tell ya. 

“Riverdale” react: Veronica and Jughead get dramatic

7 Minutes read

Riverdale, Episode 7 | “In a Lonely Place” | Aired March 9, 2017 I’ll give Episode 7, “In a Lonely Place,” this: there were some real moments of touching sentimentality. Some genuine moments of feeling and disappointment were palpable among Veronica and Jughead, and finally, some parents were held up to some consequences, even if…

"HTGAWM" recap: "She's a Murderer"

3 Minutes read

Annalise may not be a murderer, but she certainly is a master manipulator. Although it appears even she’s not cut out to carry the weight of this particular lie.