Pyramid Game is a new South Korean thriller based on a Naver webtoon about high school students battling for survival. The show seems to be Paramount’s answer to Netflix’s Squid Game; swapping out winning prize money for popularity, grades, and respect. Audiences will be amazed and shocked by this social thriller when it starts streaming on Paramount+ on May 30th. Here is the official synopsis and trailer:

Between the bullies, her studies, and the fight for popularity, Baekyeon Girls’ High School already feels like a game of survival for new student Seong Su-ji. But when she’s introduced to a ranking system that chooses class outcasts via secret vote, Su-ji must decide whether to accept her status and its violent fallout…or lead an uprising against the Pyramid Game.

Stream Pyramid Game on May 30, exclusively on Paramount+

Source: Deadline

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