Nia DaCosta To Direct Her Vision Of ‘Hedda Gabler’ For MGM’s Orion Pictures And Plan B

Nia DaCosta to take on Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler. (Photo credit: Twitter/@MarvelUpdates)

Nia DaCosta to take on Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. (Photo credit: Twitter/@MarvelUpdates)

Nia DaCosta’s next project as a reimagining of Hernik Ibsen’s landmark play, Hedda Gabler.

According to Variety, DaCosta will write and direct the film adaptation for MGM’S Orion Pictures and Plan B. The film will also be produced by Gabrielle Nadig, who also produced DaCosta’s directorial debut Little Woods.

The film will focus on the titular character who is trying to find freedom despite being in a suffocating marriage and in a house she doesn’t want. Just at this juncture in her life, an ex-lover appears.

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DaCosta’s version of the story is probably called a reimagining because the original play debuted in 1891 in Munich. According to Wikipedia, the original play “dramatizes the experiences of the title character, Hedda, the daughter of a general, who is trapped in a marriage and a house that she does not want. Overall, the title character for Hedda Gabler is considered one of the great dramatic roles in theater.”

The Candyman director is already signed on to direct the film adaptation of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ novel The Water Dancer.

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