Big Freedia and Slim Thug

Big Freedia and Slim Thug (Screencap)

Slim Thug and Big Freedia have a heart-to-heart conversation about pronouns and what learning about others truly means.

During one of the latest episodes of College Hill: Celebrity Edition, Slim Thug talked with Big Freedia about how to appropriately address them in referring to them. As he said, “I’ma keep it 100–I’ve never been able to kick it with nobody like you so I’ve got to know proper pronouns.”

Big Freedia said that she considers themselves, a “brister,” a word that’s a cross between “brother” and “sister.”

“I’m genderfluid. I don’t have a pronoun. All of that is new-age for me too, with the pronouns stuff,” she admitted. “With my homies in New Orleans who I kick it with, who I grew up with, the hood boys, I’m their bro. To my girls, I’m their sister. To my kids, straight and gay, I’m their mom. [To] my blood sister, I’m her brother and when she want to call me her sister, I’m her sister.”

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“It really don’t matter to me because I know who I am,” they continued.

The conversation, particularly Big Freedia’s admission that the discussion about pronouns is new to them, should be particularly eye-opening for people who are just getting into acknowledgement of pronouns. Overall, their conversation lets people know people along the LGBTQ spectrum aren’t the same–some are adamant about pronouns, while others could care less or don’t know where they fit in the conversation, and all of these viewpoints can coexist.

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Big Freedia’s admission should also give straight, cis-gender people who are hoping to not accidentally offend friends and family a sigh of relief that they don’t have to be perfect–they just have to be respectful, not be afraid to ask, and to do their best to honor their friends or family member’s wishes.

Watch the full clip below.

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By Monique