ABC’s latest comedy series Home Economics has a rising star in its midst, Jecobi Swain. Playing Kelvin, the son of Denise (Sasheer Zamata) and Sarah (Caitlin McGee), Swain is increasing the members of his already impressive fanbase–a fanbase he acquired from his viral dancing videos that have been reposted to The Shade Room and celebrities Instagram accounts.

I was happy to have an email interview with Swain, whose prior credits include Amazon Prime’s Troop Zero starring Viola Davis, about his work on Home Economics as well as his role on Disney+’s hit Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Learn more about Swain’s acting career and his aspirations for adulthood below. The latest episodes of the Home Economics‘ first season is currently streaming on Hulu.

Jecobi Swain with (L-R) Jordyn Curet, Shiloh Bearman, and Chloe Jo Rountree in Home Ecomonics (ABC)
Jecobi Swain with (L-R) Jordyn Curet, Shiloh Bearman, and Chloe Jo Rountree in Home Ecomonics (ABC)

Monique Jones: How would you describe your character Kelvin? What do you think you have in common with Kelvin?

Jecobi Swain: Kelvin is very funny, cool, and macho. Kelvin and I both like video games, the same music, and movies with Zombies, we both look up to our uncles. We both like Lebron James and Travis Scott.

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Since Sasheer Zamata plays your mother, you have a lot of scenes with her. What’s it like working with her? 

She’s so nice and her energy is so great! She’s a really cool person, she’s funny, calm and collected. I love her and Caitlin playing my mom’s. I feel so lucky to have them as TV moms.

Jecobi Swain with (L-R) Jordyn Curet, Shiloh Bearman, Jimmy Tatro and Sasheer Zamata in Home Economics. (ABC)
Jecobi Swain with (L-R) Jordyn Curet, Shiloh Bearman, Jimmy Tatro and Sasheer Zamata in Home Economics. (ABC)

You’ve also been in Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which recently won an award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. What was it like being a part of the series and how do you feel about the series’ popularity? 

It was so amazing on set! I got to eat lunch with Sebastian Stan who is so nice and kind. He bought me a burger and we sat side by side eating. He also interviewed me on his social media about who was a better villain between him and Loki. It was a great experience being on set of Marvel! Anthony Mackie and I had a lot of fun joking around and I think it came across on camera how great we worked together. It was a lot of work put into that show and I’m loving watching it! It is a phenomenal series! 

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I read that one of the things you want to do as an adult is to become a firefighter. My dad was a firefighter as well. What do you love about the profession? 

That is awesome! I love that firefighters are so helpful and that they are there to help save people. I also think their suits are so cool and the design of the fire truck is awesome.

What can fans look forward to seeing you in next? 

I’m going to be in an aminated series on Netflix called My Dad The Bounty Hunter that is going to be amazing! It mixes Syfy and animation together! It so cool to see myself as a cartoon! I’m having a blast helping make it!

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