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This coronavirus pandemic has hit us all hard.

The fact of the matter is that regardless of if the virus is reportedly only 5 percent lethal, it’s still lethal, and that means thousands of people are dying. We’re all feeling the stress of hearing horrible stories of people needing ventilators, overrun hospitals, hospital workers (including doctors and nurses) on the frontlines of the pandemic, and minimum wage workers rightly demanding proper protection and pay for their jobs. In short, everything’s a mess.

But just because everything is a mess doesn’t mean it’s selfish to find your happiness where you can.

I’d say that finding happiness during this time is probably one of the healthiest things you can do–if you’re feeling stressed, your immune system could become compromised. So at the very least, find some happiness for your health.

However, with so much going on, it might be hard to even look for happiness. It might feel wrong to feel happy. But I contend that what we need right now in this moment are people who can find the brightness in the midst of the storm. Hopefully I can help everyone find some bright spots by focusing on ways we can all keep ourselves mentally healthy and happy.

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This month, I’ll do my best to make some posts about ways to use the social distancing time period as a time for growth. I’ll also try to put up some reviews and/or articles about films and TV that could help you take your mind off of today’s troubles, if just for a little bit.

I’ll also post an article or two about how it is important to feel everything you are feeling at the moment. Yes, it’s important to find some relief, but it’s also important to not push down your feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness, and anger. All of your emotions are important, and they are all worth voicing.

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Overall, I hope this month finds us all well. It’s been a rough March, and no one knows what April holds. But let’s hope that there will be brighter days ahead of us this month. But no matter what, let’s resolve to keep ourselves as buoyant as possible.

Talk to you later, and stay safe! Oh, and some articles from March that might help you during the pandemic:

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