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It’s March, and for movie fans, that means it’s Mulan time!

The Disney’s live-action version of their 1998 classic film will be out March 27, so for this month, we are celebrating everything Mulan, from the journey to the original film to the live-action one, to the various opinions fans have about the live-action film. We all know a lot of fans feel very strongly about how this film handles Disney’s version of the legend, including the situation surrounding Li Shang, and while I’ve covered that on the site in the past, we’ll get back into it with some new set visits and reports that have now been released.

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Along with discussing and reviewing all things Mulan, I will take March to do some housekeeping—publishing tons of long overdue reviews. At the end of February, I went to D.C. to do a book signing for The Book of Awesome Black Americans, and before that I was sick with a nasty cold, so a lot of reviews got pushed back for sleep and travel. This month, you can expect reviews about Dracula, AJ and the Queen, Just Mercy, Diary of a Future President, and more. There might even be a review of Rian Johnson’s hit film Knives Out, even though the film has been out since Thanksgiving 2019. But I hadn’t seen it until a few weeks ago, and I have some opinions on it.

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Overall, I’m excited to dive into the new Mulan and experience what the film has in store for us. From the trailers, it seems like it’s going to be quite awesome, despite any feelings folks might have about the lack of Shang. I’m interested to know what you guys think about the film, so let me know on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Talk to you later!


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By Monique