A spooky collage of John Cho from his various horror film and tv roles

The Grudge coming to theaters, which means that John Cho is back on the big screen to delight audiences once again. However, this time, the delights will be mixed in with frights as Cho’s character Peter Spencer fights to stay alive while running from deadly ghost Kayako (Junko Bailey).

This film isn’t the first time Cho has been a part of the horror and thriller genres. Here are four instances in which Cho hit both the horrific and suspenseful themes we love to be fearful of.

Sleepy Hollow (2013)

Photo credit: Kent Smith/FOX

Cho was a part of the first season of the Fox hit, playing Andy Brooks, a sheriff’s deputy who was Abbie Mills’ (Nicole Beharie) beat partner. Little did Abbie know that Brooks was deeply, fanatically in love with her, to the point of selling his soul to Moloch in a misguided attempt to keep her safe. Things didn’t turn out to well for him, suffice it to say. But it’s a shame his character didn’t last for more than one season, and that when we did see him, it was almost always with him in torment.

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The Exorcist (2017)

Photo credit: Fox

Cho went back to Fox, but this time as the hero of his own story in The Exorcist. In this semi-anthology series, Cho played Andrew Kim, the devoted foster father to several children. He has to figure out how to protect his children once he realizes that nefarious forces are at work. Of course, with a show called The Exorcist, you can bet some spiritually-armed priests (Alfonso Herrera and Kurt Egyiawan) are on the way.

Searching (2018)

Photo credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

While some might call this film a traditional horror film, you can bet that losing a child is a parent or guardian’s worst nightmare. That nightmare is realized when Cho’s character, David Kim, tries to find his daughter through the breadcrumbs she left in the form of her internet searches and social media presence.

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“The Wunderkind,” The Twilight Zone (2019)

Photo credit: CBS All-Access

Cho plays down on his luck campaign manager Raff Hanks who wants to desperately win. On a lark, he decides to get the most unlikeliest of candidates elected to the Presidency–a child (Jacob Tremblay). Things quickly spiral out of control once Raff realizes that the endeavor he once saw as harmless could have terrible consequences. And, of course, I don’t have to tell you what a child president is really making fun of in this political climate, especially in such a year as this one.

Which one of these roles is your favorite?

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