What an amazing announcement I have to share! I have a book coming out!

If you’ve been on my social media, you’ve seen that I’ve announced the pre-order of my first book, The Book of Awesome Black Americans, coming from Mango Publishing in January 2020. The book is the second in Mango’s The Book of Awesome series, with the first being The Book of Awesome Women by Becca Anderson.

Whereas Anderson’s book focused on women throughout history, my book focuses specifically on Black American history and the historical figures, big and small, that helped make Black America what it is today. Indeed, the book showcases how Black American history is American history.

Here’s the jist about the book from Mango Publishing:

Monique L. Jones’s The Book of Awesome Black Americans is more than a Black history book. It’s a celebration of Black people. In this book, you will find:
● Amazing role models who brought on change by using their gifts and passions to overcome societal barriers

● Stories mainstream media failed to mention that are sure to inspire, motivate, and educate readers of all backgrounds

● Testimonies that demonstrate how American culture thrives when it celebrates diversity and promotes inclusiveness

I’m extremely excited to reveal the book to the viewing public! I’ve worked so hard on this book, from narrowing down the people covered in the book to developing the book’s narrative. The book is 100 percent me. I hope that readers, young and old, take a sense of discovery from the book. As I write in the book’s introduction, I drew inspiration from my childhood reading Africana, the encyclopedia of the African diaspora. I loved learning about the innovators and leaders who have affected my life.  I hope readers come away from my book wanting to dive deeper into Black history, especially how Black history has shaped nearly ever aspect of American life in ways we don’t even realize.

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Learn more about my book and where to pre-order at its own page on my website! Also, if you want to keep up with my journey with this book and other ventures, sign up to receive my new TinyLetter either through the automatic prompt on the website or in the website’s sidebar.

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