January 3, 2018 – First global LGBTQ+ streaming network, Revry, makes investing in the queer community a family affair by launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on SeedInvest (https://www.seedinvest.com/revry/seed).   Revry’s  streaming network brings the queer experience to the world through its diverse mix of films, series, music, podcasts and originals.  Revry is committed to inclusion and creating a space for all voices in the LGBTQ+ community to be seen and heard.

“SeedInvest is excited to be working with such a diverse, passionate team of founders who are creating something meaningful for a historically marginalized community,” says SeedInvest’s Alexandra Tynion. “Not only that, but partnering with SeedInvest gives the company the unique opportunity to give its users and loyal brand advocates the ability to become investors while it’s still a private company. This means early investors can support and be a part of the company’s growth for the long run.”

“We started Revry because we saw the need for truly authentic entertainment made for the ever-growing queer community as it is: diverse, outrageous, groundbreaking, and global,” shares Revry CEO Damian Pelliccione.  “In the past, TV channels and VOD services that claimed to represent queer people tended to water down our community, often only focusing on gay white males and superficial stories.  Given the size of the LGBTQ+ market ($917 billion in the US and $3.7 trillion worldwide), luckily the new digital age of TV has created an opportunity to disrupt the old TV model and to introduce new upstart voices into the mix to redefine niche TV for a new generation.”

Revry aims to be the new voice of queer entertainment. More than just TV and film, Revry is breaking the mold by showcasing LGBTQ+ music artists, short films, digital series, and boasting one of the largest queer podcast networks in the world. More than a simple content platform for a niche audience, Revry is a community – a lifestyle brand, with a mission not just to distribute LGBTQ-themed content, but share genuine queer culture with the world. To that end, Revry is currently available via 7 native apps, 3 linear channels (Pluto TV, XUMO, and Zapping TV), expanding into over 100+ countries, with a reach of 35 million, closing hundreds of content contracts totaling over 4000 hours, and streaming over 21 million minutes to its global audience.

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Revry’s target audiences are those who identify as LGBTQ+ and are primarily millennial and generation Z (between the ages of 18-35). Currently, 50% of Revry’s core audiences are located in the U.S. with the other 50% spread out across the world with their highest international traffic coming from the markets of Brazil, India, and China.

Since its launch, Revry’s unique mission, diverse team of founders, and innovative approach to distribution have been covered by major media outlets including WIRED MagazineMacWorld, and The Hollywood Reporter.  This year, Tubefilter stated “Revry is making its mark in the niche SVOD world” and Instinct Magazine has written that Revry is “dedicated to showcasing the best entertainment spanning the breadth of the entire queer experience.”

Revry has continually paved the way as a leader, not only in the LGBTQ+ space but in the ever-changing mainstream streaming world. One of the first networks to stage an exclusive release of an original series through the new Instagram-powered IGTV app, Revry was featured by TheWrap only last month.  Additionally, Revry’s high profile collaborations with industry heavy-weights like Funny or Die, with whom Revry co-produced an Emmy nominated series GAY OF THRONES, have garnered the company significant mainstream attention.  Revry continues to make impressive collaborations including having recently entering a 2-year deal with the LGBTQ suicide prevention not-for-profit, The Trevor Project, to be their Official Streaming Network and exclusive live streaming partner for their star-studded award show, TrevorLIVE, that just honored industry legend Ryan Murphy amongst others.

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Dedicated to their global LGBTQ+ community, Revry saw crowdfunding with SeedInvest as an opportunity to not only engage but allow the LGBTQ+ community to be invested in themselves.

About SeedInvest

SeedInvest is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that provides individual investors with access to pre-vetted startup investment opportunities and has only accepted 1% of those companies to feature on the platform. For more information, visit www.seedinvest.com.

About Revry

Revry is the first queer global streaming network, available in 35 million homes in over 100 countries, with a uniquely curated selection of LGBTQ+ film, series, and originals along with the world’s largest queer libraries of groundbreaking podcasts, albums and music videos. Revry is available worldwide on seven OTT, mobile, and online platforms, and hosts the exclusive LGBTQ+ channels on Pluto TV and XUMO. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Revry is led by an inclusive team of queer, multi-ethnic and allied partners who bring decades of experience in the fields of tech, digital media, and LGBTQ+ advocacy.  Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @REVRYTV. Go Online to: https://revry.tv.

Revry is offering securities under Regulation CF and Rule 506(c) of Regulation D through SI Securities, LLC (“SI Securities”). The Company has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its offering, a copy of which may be obtained at: https://www.seedinvest.com/revry/seed  It is advised that you consult a tax professional to fully understand any potential tax implications of receiving investor perks before making an investment.  The individuals above were not compensated in exchange for their testimonials. In addition, their testimonials should not be construed as and/or considered investment advice. 

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